Who? Would you like to join an Ayurvedic spiritual sustainable community?

Who? Would you like to join an Ayurvedic spiritual sustainable community?

UPDATE: See Vedic.Community.

Eligible members are:

  • people who are willing to undergo criminal background checks; however, it will be up to the other community members to decide if any committed crimes matter or not
  • people who are willing to join the community and pay the joining fee to buy their residence and pay their share of communal spaces
  • people who wish to join the community but prefer to pay rent rather than to pay a joining fee
  • people who are willing to do work for the community in return for their rent.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) compatibility will also be used to make sure when someone joins a community that they won’t be spending a lot of the time with someone with whom they are very incompatible.

Paying the joining fee doesn’t guarantee power

Paying the joining fee (for yourself or someone else) will allow you to own a residence in the community. If you ever need or wish to, you have the right to try to sell your residence, but the person you sell it to must be acceptable to other members of the community.

Paying the joining fee will not give a person any power within the community or any leadership privileges. See the Rules page for more details on how leaders are selected.

Personal preferences regarding food

Each community will aim to accommodate for the special dietary needs of its members:

  1. Vegan: Fruits, and vegetables consumed by the community in the on site restaurant and communal dining room (however, members are free to cook and eat other types of food like meat are allowed to do so in their own living quarters).
  2. Dairy products, eggs, gluten and nuts: Whenever products like dairy products, eggs, gluten or nuts are used in the on-site restaurant or communal dining room, the dish would be labeled as such, and other food would be provided so that people who prefer to (or have to) avoid these types of foods can avoid eating them. Special knives, chopping boards, saucepans, toasters, cooking and baking pans, and serving dishes would be used for meals containing these products.

Personal preferences regarding pets

Prospective community members should specify which type they would feel comfortable joining a community which allows:

  1. No pets.
  2. Any type of pet, but all pets must be kept outside of communal internal areas and dogs must be kept on a leash when outside of a residence and cats must be kept in special cat runs so they cannot kill native birds and other animals (paid for by person who owns the cat).

Skills desired in each community for a barter exchange or for work in lieu of rent

  • Gardeners / farmers / self-regenerative agriculture experts
  • Chefs and cooks for the on-site restaurant
  • Hairdressers
  • Weavers
  • Sewing experts
  • Nurses and/or doctors
  • Singers, dancers, and storytellers to work with the teachers in educating the children
  • Teachers and childcare specialists (especially during the second phase of a community when a school will be added to the grounds).

Skills required by the global community

So they would be in at least one community in the global network and would consult to the other tribes:

  • Architects (ideally knowledgeable about Vastu requirements)
  • Builders (ideally familiar with building according to Vastu requirements)
  • Ayurvedic experts and trainers in Ayurvedic self-pulse reading
  • Native plants experts (one in each location)
  • Chemists (who knows gas chromatography) or food technologists
  • Accountants and tax experts (one in each country)
  • Human resources experts
  • Lawyers
  • Counselors (especially those who know communication skills, dispute resolution, and who can help people who have addictions)
  • Educational experts (one in each country/state) to help with curriculum development to meet required standards
  • Singing teachers, dancing teachers, and storytelling teachers to work with the educational experts and the communities in helping set up a school to educate the children
  • Marketing experts, bloggers, and graphic artists to help recruit community members
  • Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) experts to help people find compatible community members to work with or marry
  • Movement specialists (e.g. Feldenkrais practitioners, physical therapists, yoga experts, personal trainers)
  • Pattern makers and fashion designers
  • Business startup experts to help each community brainstorm possible income sources
  • Efficiency experts
  • Procedure documenters (so we can make each new community a turn-key operation so they get off to a good start)
  • Comedians and event organizers to make the celebrations and festivals really great.

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