Susie Procini

Women’s Empowerment Coach

I specialize in leading women from their current situation that is causing them problems, to the place where the can experience life to the fullest and feel purposeful.

Women’s Empowerment Coach,
Self-Employed, November 2011-Current
Moorestown, NJ

Graduated from Haddon Twp High School in 1970
Graduated from Glassboro State College 1974
Graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2011

Travel agent
Dental office assistant
Law Office
Heath and Wellness Coach

My experience in becoming a Life Coach started when I was a Health and Wellness Coach. I was coaching women how to live a healthier lifestyle and it was then I realized that teaching women the ways to live a life of peace and calm was my ultimate fulfillment and I transitioned into Women’s Empowerment Coaching.

Everything I teach my clients is from my transformational journey. Everything I have changed in my life is exactly the way I coach my clients. There is nothing that I teach my clients that I have not already experienced.

I lead women from a place of disconnection from self which shows up as over-doing for others, exhaustion, and feeling taken for granted, to setting clear boundaries, finding a loving relationship with themselves and reigniting the joy from with, overall, being their best at any age.

I do all of my coaching virtually, either on the phone or on zoom.  

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