Programs for Organizations & Communities Spiritual Communities

Programs for Organizations & Communities Spiritual Communities

Denominational and Non-denominational Spiritual Communities

In today’s society, effectiveministry within denominational and non-denominational spiritual communities is becoming increasingly dependent on their ability to develop deeper relationships among their members, congregational affiliations, and larger communities.

The Legacy Journey® pathways offer the opportunity for professional and lay clergy to enhance their personal development and provide meaningful programming for their affiliated community. In addition, the ability to introduce these important concepts to the wider community will result in greater visibility and options for interfaith collaboration.

The Legacy Journey:

  • Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters: Your legacy of values
  • Life Reflection Stories: Your legacy of wisdom
  • Making a Difference Plans: Your legacy of generosity

These three pathways work interdependently to help individuals live their lives with greater intention, compassion and gratitude.

Clergy have the option to obtain certification as a Legacy Navigator® in any or all of the pathways described above. These training programs provide a structure and process for working either with individuals or groups to further this significant work.

Denominational and Non-denominational Spiritual Community Benefits

  • Inspire greater spiritual growth for individuals and families.
  • Bring greater meaning to each life milestone, including pre-marriage counseling and confirmation.
  • Help individuals gain insight into the significance and purpose of their lives.
  • Provide pastoral care for individuals looking toward the completion of their “circle of life.”
  • Identify opportunities for making a difference in the community through giving of their time, talents and resources.
  • Create beautiful tributes/memorials to honor congregational/community members.
  • Improve intergenerational communications and relationships.

Clergy Benefits

  • Provide meaningful services to your community.
  • Deepen individual, family and community relationships.
  • Enhance community outreach.
  • Bring witness to the value and dignity of every human life.

Learn how this innovative program can be tailored to your organization:

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