Meaningful Alignment

Meaningful Alignment

The secret to all successful relationships is gaining alignment with others, with emotional composure and resiliency.
Meaningful Alignment is a program committed to healing the social divide, one conversation at a time…

About Meaningful Alignment

Founded on years of professional practice and extensive scientific research Meaningful Alignment is a program that addresses the enormous gap in communication evident in today’s society.

Meaningful Alignment refers to any conversation involving two or more persons where alignment and deep understanding are vital to a successful outcome.

More specifically, we are referring to the high stakes interactions we all have at times where the emotions run high, and viewpoints are often not aligned. These discussions happen in all spheres of our life: at work, at home, in school or on social media.

Meaningful Alignment workshop is highlighted in the video below on a recent episode of Behind the Scenes with James Earl Jones:

Achieving a successful and satisfying outcome for all parties involved, begins with understanding ourselves and the “inside game” of our mind. This deeper self-knowledge is achieved through our Interpersonal Dialogue Profile® which reveals how you scored across six Dialogue Styles.

Armed with this insight about your unique behavioral tendencies and underlying motivational drives, you are then ready to regulate your emotions, and address others in a mindful way — a way that leads to what we call Meaningful Alignment.

The payoff? When your focus is on alignment (rather than agreement and disagreement) you are able to realize far greater levels of satisfaction, cooperation, and collaboration in all relationships. 

  • Learn which emotional motivators and dialogue styles we tend to use, particularly when the stakes are high.
  • Explore the benefits of emotional self-regulation and the methods to achieve it.
  • Discover techniques that build emotional resiliency.
  • Demonstrate the six steps and emotional-management techniques of Meaningful Alignment.

Would you like to learn more about our Meaningful Alignment program and how it can benefit you and your organization? We would love to connect with you! Please contact us today.

Meaningful Alignment workshop with Hilton All Suites

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