May is all about 72 hour kits – and more!

May is all about 72 hour kits – and more!

This month is all about 72 hour kits!  This is something we have all heard about, and you may have worked on it at one time, or may be starting from scratch.   Wherever you are in your 72 hour kit preparation, this information is for you!

The idea of 72 hour kits may be overwhelming, so I suggest you start with this video to get an idea of what your first reachable goal should be for your family.  Then check back here for all the links to the lists and kits I talk about, as well as other helpful information you will need as you go along.  

Simple 72 hour kit list (easy if you don’t know where to start!)
 72 hr kit-basic

Detailed 72 hour kit lists – three from different sources if you would like to compare
 72 kit list
72 hr kit
 72 hr kit and sirvival backpack list 

Detailed description and explanation of items in a 72 hour kit
Ideas for food for 72 hour kits (detailed)

Emergency Car Kit List
Car Emergency Kit 
Get Home Bag List
Get home kit
Every Day Carry List
 Every Day Carry Kit
Emergency Contact Card
 Emergency Contact Card
Emergency Contact Sheet
Where to go to create a Family Emergency Plan
Fill-in template from the Red Cross for a Family Emergency Plan
Family Emergency Plan Template

Shelter in Place Information – if there is a widespread emergency and you need to stay sheltered at home, this is some good information to know.
Shelter in place

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