Financial self-reliance

Financial self-reliance

Enhancing financial resilience

Increasing numbers of people are in debt in the Netherlands. From young to old. And from high earners to people on a low income. Often, they’re no longer capable of solving their problems on their own. Rabobank Foundation supports various social initiatives to prevent financial problems and make people financially self-reliant.

Awareness first, then resilience

The projects and programmes we support create awareness first of all. People gain insight into their financial situation, into the potential consequences of debt, and into the financial products and services available. After all, to become resilient in financial matters they need to know what sound financial behaviour is and understand its importance.

Special attention to young people

Financial resilience means being able to resist the temptation to spend money you don’t actually have. Young people in secondary vocational education are often exposed to this temptation, and to peer-group pressure. Rabobank Foundation is particularly keen to support initiatives for these young people.

Banking for vulnerable customers

Rabobank wants its services to be accessible to all customers, including vulnerable groups. Through a special website (Dutch only) these customers can find simple explanations of how to use a bank card or how they can make payments on the computer or the smart phone. This knowledge helps them become more self-reliant in financial matters.


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