Difference between Dating and Flirting

Difference between Dating and Flirting

Key Difference: There is a good amount of difference between ‘Dating’ and ‘Flirting’Dating is a term used to describe that two people going out and trying out a relationship and exploring their relationship in public as a couple. Flirting is to behave towards someone as though one would be in love but without any serious intentions.

The specific meaning of dating is nothing, but dating basically refers to the time when people want to check out whether their relationship should go further towards a permanent relationship or not. People date to know more about each others nature or spend quality time with each other and have a desire to know more about the other person for romantic purposes.

Nowadays, dating has become a hobby for a guys and girls, just to spend time with each other. It is not necessary that those who all are engaged are the only ones who can date. Some times it is difficult to recognize whether the couple who are dating are just friends or in a serious relationship? As opposed to the earlier time period, people were used to arrange the date perhaps by corresponding emails or texts or phone calls.

On the other hand, flirting involves a range of intimacy. Flirting is a natural tendency to behave or react in a particular way, without having been taught; it is a human behavior to react in such a manner. Flirting always gives a shallow and lighthearted feeling, whereas if a person is in a serious relationship it will be far more deep rooted emotions.

There are various signs of flirting, through which people can differentiate that what kind of flirter he is:

Advertising Availability: This is the easiest way of flirting, to give the personal information that he is single by asking that what she is doing that evening, or what her plans are this Friday.

Kidding: Well, this is not just a sign of friendliness. Here, one is trying to be witty so that he can impress them with it.

Complimenting: This is another of those signs where a friend becomes an admirer.

Offering or Asking for Help: If one is trying to be more helpful or do something for them without asking for it, is a clear sign of flirting. It’s like ‘men tend to offer, women tend to ask’.

Talking Privately: If one is talking to you intimately or in a low or confidential voice, it is a sign of flirting. Usually, a friend’s voice is always higher in pitch.

Comparing Interests: In any relationship, one always wants to know about their partner’s curiosity and what he persuades to do, buy. This is another sign of flirting to know or comparing one’s interest in him.

Flirting depends on the person whether he wants to just flirt or to get into physical contact. Sometimes, by the way one talks the other can come to know about one’s intention. The eye contact, the way he is standing, mainly during the face-to-face conservation can clear many doubts from one’s mind, whereas, dating maintains an eye contact for a longer period of a time, with an intense emotion in the eye. Mostly, flirting is seen in parties, celebrations or special occasions. At some events like New Year’s or Christmas Eve, flirtatious behavior is expected more.

Dating is meeting with someone whom you love, or want to spend your precious time with them. It is not necessary that one cannot date at home; it’s just that you have to be with your partner and express your love towards them. Taking out your partner for horse riding, picnic, movie or dinner are all what dating is all about. Dating merely focuses on trying to get to know each other for the purpose of finding a suitable partner. Dating occurs for a short period of time but flirting can go on-and-on.

You can go around flirting with anyone, but dating is done when you are completely engaged with one person and investing your precious time with your partner. However, there is not any subjective definitions of Dating and Flirting, it depends that how you’ll understand one’s nature and differentiate between true feelings and flirting.

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  1. Onyekachi Ofia

    In this part of the world dating means different thing, normally. when you ask a girl out for a soft drink at the pub,automatically she will start thinking that you wanna date her..when we use the word date in some part of Africa it means we are in serious relationship with the person..
    that means if i tell you i’m dating any girl ,it really means we are in relationship. only few really understand what dating means.

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