6 Signs You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce

6 Signs You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce

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Getting divorced in Virginia can be a complicated endeavor. If you have children, assets, or any other likely points of dispute you should contact a Virginia divorce attorney for women. If you’re getting divorced in Virginia, you might be wondering whether you need to hire an attorney. While the idea of having a Virginia divorce attorney for women on your side can seem appealing, you may not know much about working with a lawyer and be unsure of what to expect.

In the age of the Internet, everyone seems to be a do-it-yourselfer. Whether the project is a home renovation or a divorce, there seems to be a book or a kit that tells you exactly how it can be done without a professional. This might sound like a good deal, but as anyone with DIY home repair experience will tell you, embarking on a project when you don’t have the knowledge or experience required can end up being a disaster.

The same is true for getting divorced in Virginia. Individuals who attempt to do their own divorces often run into unforeseen complications and end up regretting their decision. It’s important to evaluate your case and know what you’re getting into before you begin.

Signs You Should Consult an Attorney

• You foresee a child custody dispute. Having kids changes your life forever, including the way you approach a divorce. When you have kids, the stakes are high, and unfortunately couples often end up fighting bitterly over custody. It’s true that some couples are able to coolly negotiate the terms of custody and visitation, but this is not the norm. 

• You and/or your spouse have more than a few thousand dollars in assets; especially if there’s a marital home involved. It’s wise to have an attorney who can help make sure that you’re treated fairly when it comes to division of assets.

• You and your spouse own a business together. This scenario can be quite complicated in a divorce. An attorney will know how to navigate the confusing details, and can enlist the help of financial professionals like appraisers and consultants.

• There was domestic violence or abuse in your relationship. The emotional dynamic that’s present when one spouse dominates and intimidates the other makes it impossible to communicate on equal ground. When getting divorced in Virginia, the abusive spouse can easily “negotiate” the other spouse into an unfair deal if no legal counsel is involved

• You and your spouse are having a nasty divorce. Clearly if two people are not getting along, there’s not going to be a friendly, rational divorce. There will simply be two people locked in endless dispute. A Virginia divorce attorney for women can help you both sort out your issues, and can inform you of your rights in Virginia law so that you don’t get taken for a ride by a vengeful soon-to-be ex. 

• You’re disorganized. Getting divorced in Virginia involves lots of paperwork, especially when you’re working through the financial documentation. Some people are very organized and know how to obtain and arrange all the documentation necessary, while others end up with a huge mess of papers and several missing to boot. Having a Virginia divorce attorney for women means having someone who can let you know what papers are needed and how to get them. 

Overall, having an attorney on board for your divorce can be an excellent idea, whether you want traditional litigation or alternative ligation like mediation or collaborative divorce. Speak with a Virginia divorce attorney for women to learn the options available to you.

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