4 Activities That Will Help Relieve Divorce Stress

4 Activities That Will Help Relieve Divorce Stress

Divorce stress not only impacts your overall health, it keeps you from navigating divorce with a clear head. 

No matter the reasons and circumstances of a divorce, dealing with divorce stress is hard, and if you don’t properly deal with stress and negative emotions, the consequences will affect every aspect of your life. That is why it is important to find a stress relief activity to help you cope with stress and accept this big life change.

As we all know, the heart doesn’t heal overnight. But you need to know that it is okay to be sad (give yourself permission to feel) and take your time to heal no matter how long it takes! Don’t allow divorce stress to define your life, instead concentrate on positive thinking and find your inner strength to fight back. As soon as you get back on your feet and feel like your old self again, you will be ready to grab life by its horns and start living (again)!

Coping with divorce stress, for me was very difficult since I had a lot of time to think about the little things that lead up to it. So I decided to find a leisure activity to keep my mind busy and to help me relax and let go of all the negativity. Hobbies that helped me deal with stress and find strength during divorce were simple and yet worthwhile and they just might do the trick for you too.

Below are 4 activities that will help you reduce divorce stress.

Cycling and exercising to get rid of the negative energy

After the divorce, I was left without a car so I needed to look up affordable bikes and bicycles to help me get around without spending too much (I was not in a position to choose) and I have started cycling everywhere. It helped me get rid of tension after only one day and I was too tired in the evening to think about anything but going to bed. It is a fact that high levels of physical activity are an effective way to reduce anxiety and stress so why not choose cycling to improve your mood and get rid of the negative energy. Plus, you will spend a lot of time outdoors, breathing fresh air and enjoying the nature around you.

As well as cycling, working out and staying active can help you deal with anger, relieve stress and reduce anxiety. When you exercise your brain releases chemicals called endorphins that make you feel exhilarated and happy. You will feel energized and ready to combat the divorce stress. Nothing says confidence more than a woman that is satisfied with the way she looks, so make a hobby out of it and let working out help you deal with stress.

Yoga and meditation to find inner peace

Yoga practices have been shown to effectively treat the stress, improve your mood and soothe your nerves. While still being active and cycling, I have started practicing yoga and meditating to accept the changes in my life, find my inner peace and become grateful for the things I have. It made me calmer and taught me how to take a deep breath and let go of the past.

 Crafting and waking up artistic side to let go

With less negativity in my life, I have opened my mind and started crafting. Focusing on DIY home decoration projects I woke up my creativity and started feeling truly happy. Using my own two hands I have learned how to cope with stress and made my home a happy place, decorated just the way I wanted it to be. My house became a home. I was inspired to do many things and I had enough energy to let go of the negative emotions and leave the past behind.

Photographing to express emotions

During the healing process after my divorce, I came across my old photo camera. I have always loved photography and even took some course back in the days. There is something so special in the way you can capture the perfect overwhelming moment and transfer the emotions through a camera lens. Taking photographs of the way my face looked during good and bad days made me realize that I have found a way to express my emotions without talking. I was expressing my feelings by capturing the difficultness of coping with stress, anger, and sadness as my life was changing. The outcome was a small exhibition where I have represented a series of auto-portraits showing the way divorce stress affected the way my face looked, that many people around me found inspirational. Finally, I was ready to let go.

The best advice is to take up a hobby that you enjoy and love doing to nourish your emotional and creative side. It is a great outlet to express yourself and focus on coping with stress and feeling better. A hobby can provide an emotional support that can help you get rid of all the negative emotions during divorce. And remember, give yourself permission to feel and take time to accept the change. Is time to put yourself first and learn how to be strong.

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